I’m grateful for the way you’ve structured this course – the readings, the conceptual frameworks, the personal sharing, and the reminders to center the work around joy.

Caldwell and Frame are dynamic and daring teachers who generously share their skills and experience to help us all learn.

This is truly 21st century education.

Every time we met, I left feeling inspired by a story someone told or a presentation someone gave. It’s really hard to make change unless you feel inspired by the people around you.

I’m grateful for the opportunity to learn and grow and to be able to have these conversations.

It may be difficult to find the time, but these conversations are ultimately so valuable. The investment of time is rewarded many times over.

I appreciate all the resources and ideas generated in our sessions, but the connections we made were even more valuable. It’s great to know that this work is not being done in a silo.

Thank you all so much for sharing your experiences and knowledge with me. I’m so appreciative for the growth and will take so much with me.

Thank you so much for this amazing and transformational program. I’m inspired!


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